WELCOME and I wish all my visitors a Happy, Healthy & Succesful 2018

I have been laid low by an emergency visit to Hospital with septecemia in my left knee.  All started on Feb.9 and continues till today 21 Mar. as I regain my ability to walk.  So my own daily site update visits are not being made.  They will resume when I can return to the  UK.

This site contains my 27,000 word "Manifesto of a Benevolent Dictator".  It is a review of the UK politics of today.  I promote my thoughts as the Benevolent Dictator on Twitter - @20ccnorman, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

My other substantial works are a Systems Thinking Manual and a Product Launch Procedure.

There is also has my personal writing.  Much of which is drawn from my professional experience in applying computers to engineering and its business support systems. 

Other work is more lightheared views particularly of the USA.

I closed my company, 20CC Ltd on 30 June 2017.  I now only write from my home desks in Croydon or South Carolina, where I spend about a third of my time.

Best regards


Norman Harris