WELCOME to my personal website

I am now more or less retired but believe in keeping physically and even more imprtant, mentally active.

I had a knee replaced in late February following sepsis in the joint a year earlier, but am now back to reasonable fitness.

I promote www.iniped.com and www.red-bag.com and will promote by email any products I beleive in and can agree payment terms on a "by results" basis.

I tweet (@norman4339) daily on key topics and photos from my travel of 50 years ago as I convert my 35mm slides to PC files.

I enjoyed my engineering career spent largely on the marketing and development of software aids to engineering design processes, such as CAD, Document & Asset Management for the Process Industries.  I also devoted many years part-time to The Open University tutoring the first & second level engineering courses and the problem solving techniques of Systems Thinking.  I experienced all aspects of the OU, resdential schools, setting and marking exams and for 4 years being an External Examiner for the Arab Open University in Kuwait.

This website contains many of the texts developed and used in these more active years together with some more recent personal writings.

I have chaired many committess (see My Background) on this site.

Best regards


Norman Harris