WELCOME from Norman Harris

I have started a review of my website still googled as my company, 20CC Ltd.  I amazed myself as to how much “stuff” is in there.  I am going to prune it vigorously and those pages thought most useful place on an expanded download page.

I am still working, but do not expect any more paid assignments.  Indeed the work I do I want to do from my desk at home with the minimum of travel not least because I spend significant periods in the USA.  My frequent assessment of IMechE Fellowship applications fits in well.

I still maintain a 16,000 person database.  I use it to promote InIPED Process Plant Design Courses and will use it for any product where terms for payment by results can be agreed as this also meets the desk based criteria.

My career gave me many opportunities for travel.  I had periods of residence in Malaysia, USA, Norway & Holland.  I visited most countries in Europe and Australia, South Africa & the Middle East.

The highlights were applying computer systems to plant engineering in ICI, BNFL and ComputerVision.  These systems were Computer Aided Engineering (CAD) for both 2D connectivity and 3D space modelling.

Later at Intergraph, Document and Content Management was the major area of skill and in particular how such systems supported the reliability and safety of operating assets.

This experience fitted me for a consultancy career spanning over 20 years.  My major clients were AstraZeneca, London Underground and Samsung.

I frequently lectured on these topics at the IMechE and for commercial firms.

I very much enjoyed working for The Open University for over 30 years as an Associate Lecturer and script marker.  I was an external examiner in the Middle-East for 4 years.  The subjects covered were the first and second levels of Engineering and all three levels of Systems Thinking.  Residential schools for the MSc in Technology Management were also part of my contracts.

I was frequently a Committee Chairman.

BIM, now the Chartered Management Institute - Croydon Branch Chair.

IMechE Process Industries Board, Computer Applications Committee, Pharmaceutical Committee, & Food & Drink Engineering Committee, whilst re-forming.

Chair of the Board of the apartment block in which I live.

Chair of the Trustees of the private estate on which I live.

Last Chair of the SDP in Croydon

From now on I will be more active on Twitter (@20ccnorman) and LinkedIn where I will advise of changes to this site.  I will write more political material and place them on the site.

I remain a Fellow of the IMechE and the CMI.  I am Freeman of the City of London

Thank you for reading this.