Presenting your case

In presenting, know the make-up of your audience, then IN THE FIRST MINUTES Gain their Attention , then begin for real, concluding within their attention span and the available time. 

First what MUST they know, then if time permits what they SHOULD know and hardly ever the NICE to knows.

Sales & Marketing

Make it easy to buy!

So in adverts give and emails address, indicate the gender of who is to be contact Chris = Christopher or Christine.  Always give a first name, be friendly, open

When selling (persuading), aim to listen twice as much as you speak.

Reason out WHY did the prospect (interviewee) ask that question or make that statement?

We have knowledge and service to give - but not discounts.

Silly marketing faults.

No email address in this day and age.

No sales persons first name.

Do not give a name, with no indication of Mr or Ms, e.g. "Chris" and "Sam".  Any respondent may be on the back foot, as not certain of the gender of the contact.  Is he superior to the potential buyer?

Anti SPAM blocks on the salesman’s email address!  Sales people can sort out time wasters. SPAM filters are not that good.

If your voice is not recognised, phone the switchboard of your own company with a vagueish enquiry and see how you get treated

The Developer, “this software is the most elegant around, why is no one buying it? The Consultant, what Market Research did you do?

Displaying your phone number as 0208 680 3511, 0208 is not an area code, the last 7 digits alone will not connect.  Some prosects might not know that.

Choosing to use an easy remembered Fax number when the switchboard number is more difficult. Fax numbers are nearly always in machine dialling memorys.

Dos & Don’ts for work in the US of A

Do not be late. Be on time and complete on time.

Look the part. Dress, manner and speech.

Be in command of the facts. Then see that the discussion recognises them.

Respect the right to choose. Offer choices whenever possible.  Incidentally this is the same as for small children!

Love the new. Be prepared to adopt new methods

Business before pleasure. Close the deal and then enjoy!