Whilst our Government is inflicting austerity on many sectors of the poorest in the UK, why give 0.7% of our GDP away.  It may make many elite people feel satisfied or smug.  But for me this money is needed to satisfy the needs of our poorest.  If I were a rich man I would certainly give a percentage of my income to charity, but the charities chosen would be for the benefit of humans in the UK.  I also feel that the better the wellbeing of the UK population the more they will give to good causes, wherever they may be.  The recent huge response to the Grenfell Tower demonstrates this.  So no Government overseas aid during an austerity drive, except where there is a natural disaster in a Commonwealth country. 

We should not be giving money to the poor of India and Pakistan to improve their living, when their governments are spending on nuclear armaments.  I would cite an exception.  If the aid is building by a British company or by our military, then is should be allowed to go ahead.

I will be returning to the topic of Charities in my policies on taxation.

This is the appropriate point to insert my views on refugees.  Their democracy or system of government has broken down with the disastrous consequences that we witness frequently on TV.  Again like those in the UK needing our benefits system it is the children that get to your heartstrings.  There are so many in large extended families.  We cannot take them all and Europe cannot take them all and also many of them are economic migrants.  That said the countries are probably not that kind to their poorest.  We could and should set up a system to select the best against a points system of the skills we need, but not where it means taking a large swathe of dependents, probably destined to become dependents of our stretched State services. 

An opportunity was missed in the Syrian conflict to set up a no-fly zone.  The West has the military power to set up save havens and feed them there.  They are closer to home when repatriation becomes possible.  Russia should be able to be persuaded to help, especially if refugees begin to be re-directed to their land borders.  They do not want large numbers of Muslims arriving in their southern regions.

The countries which are the sources of economic migrants must be pressured to be more democratic, develop their economies and helped in setting up systems of training.  In other words deal with the problem at source.  Giving money to countries in order to stem the flow or refugees at source is a great policy when we can afford it.  Regrettably the starting point has to be shutting our back door.