Suggested Document Management Policy
“Company” is ******
“Group” is the Company’s Document Management Group

1.0 Objective
The Company’s Policy is set in the climate of its drive to be a “Best Practice Contractor” working for “Best Practice Clients”.

It is the Company’s goal to adopt the most efficient means (within acceptable economics) of processing information held in the form of documents of any kind.

To achieve this, a full understanding of the role of integrated Information Systems must be balanced by a thorough understanding of the requirements for information and workflow within any Company project. From this awareness of the issues and the costs must be imparted to Clients, Vendors and Staff.

To manage this Policy and associated Procedures, it is considered essential to establish a Document Management Group. The Group Manager will be specifically charged with ensuring the relevance of the Company’s Document Management System and its use in key aspects on all projects and other administrative uses.

The Charter of the Document Management Group will be: -

2.0 Internally
The Group will promote and enhance the role and image of Document Management as a valuable component of efficient project execution and ongoing plant operations and maintenance.

Documents in paper format will be kept to a minimum.

No Document will be created without Registration. This Registration will classify the Document in terms of its Ownership, Ultimate Destination and Destroy Date.

Ownership, is the Person or Group, responsible for its revision and accuracy.

Ultimate Destination indicated broad archival categories, e.g. Fabrication, Operations, Regulatory and Litigation.

Destroy Date, can be “event”, Hand-over, end of fabrication, next approved release or “time” related.

The Group will determine and promote the use of the best practice leading to: -

          Electronic Data Capture

Wherever possible, in-house or vendor data will be created, stored and transmitted by electronic means.

Externally the maximum encouragement will be used with Clients and Vendors to accept digital data delivery.

          Reduction in Volumes of Data

The reduction of transfer and the archiving of data, including the philosophy of who needs to know. The understanding of the minimum needs of Design, Fabrication, Operations, Maintenance, Litigation and Insurance/Regulation must be promoted with clients.

          Efficient Transmission

Information distribution should whenever possible, be transmitted electronically, utilising for example, electronic mail, “redlining” and read only files.

          Managing System Development

An advanced system will be planned and implemented as cost savings justify, covering: -

  • Register/distribute/archive
  • Data Capture
  • Imaging
  • Workflow Control
  • Data Transmission
  • Links to other Company Systems

3.0 Externally
The Group will endeavour to enhance the awareness of the issues involved in efficient Document Management with Clients and appropriate forum of potential clients.

The Company through its Document Management Group will ensure that in its area of competence, the company plays a full role in initiatives such as: -

          Leading Edge Issues

Import of Images from Graphics based systems.

Image handling of all documents

Handling of Virtual Documents (from databases)

EDI Standards