A Strategic Approach to Maintenance

All businesses are regulated to an increasing degree and need to comply or it is possible that they will not survive.  Compliance has had a very specific meanings in the aeronautic and pharmaceutical sectors for many years under the pressure of the regulators, the FAA & FDA.  Regulators also play an increasing role in many sectors of the process industry.  Adding to the pressure to design economically maintainable plants.  In addition they need to meet the quality and financial objectives set by their management to respond to or keep ahead of the competition of their sector.

Cost pressures have driven many to outsource.  However, the need to outsource must not result in the abdication of responsibility of the owner’s engineers.  They too could also end up in court for any serious environmental or safety infringement.  Effective maintenance, focusses on doing enough to maintain the functionality of the asset.  Not too much to reduce the value added, or too little to cause excessive downtime or breakdown costs.

With the support of analyses such as RCM (Reliability Controlled Maintenance), CBM (Condition Based Monitoring) and SPC (Statistical Process Control), allied to an established MMS (Maintenance Management System), superior, yet competitive Asset Maintenance can be achieved.   

This course is suitable anyone who wishes to improve their skills is setting maintenance policy and strategy.  The first half of the course sets out to get the essentials correct to establish a controlled maintenance environment.  Whilst the second half for the course builds upon this foundation to move onto an improving maintenance regime.

20CC have a considerable track record in this field, Its Principal Consultant, Norman Harris, Norman has spent nearly all his career in the process Industries. He has worked on Asset Management at ICI, AstraZeneca and many others.  He developed courses for AstraZeneca and the University of Teesside.  He has been based in Malaysia, Norway, Holland and the USA. Much of this time was spent understanding the design processes and applying computers to them. He was at the leading edge of 3D Modelling and Engineering Databases. He is a Past Chair of the Process Industries Division of the IMechE in the UK.  He was an Associate Lecturer to The Open University for 30 years.