If you are engaged in the design of heat exchangers, flanges or piping.  Check-out the information on www.red-bag.comIt will be useful to you.  The software described has been sold since 2002.

PCC is a piping component management tool for pipe specifications and a bulk calculation application for the mechanical engineering of pipe and fittings for Pipe Specifications. The calculations can be executed according ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8 (USA), EN13480, EN1594, EN3650 (EU) and RToD (NL). PCC can be used as stand-alone application but also on a network.

The PCC software uses one central database for all the standard piping components which are listed in the selected codes such as ASME/ANSI, DIN and EN. This database will be be expanded based on the request of customers.

The material database follows the similar approach. It consists of more than 1500 standard materials, but the user can add new custom materials if required. The custom material is not deleted when a new release of the software is installed.

This link to the website, http://www.red-bag.com/software.html provides a five minute introduction and gives a first indication of the user interface. Please also visit the 'Tools' and 'Library' sections which provide free engineering tools and procedures as used by engineering contractors.

One of the major selling points of PCC software is the ease of pipe component and fitting selection and the immediate calculation of the complete pipe class. It saves man-hours and allows the engineer to quickly review various scenarios and modifications to the design conditions. The software works in Metric units or US Customary units.

The PCC software base selling price is Euro 8500 including all above mentioned calculation codes with a maintenance contract of Euro 2200 starting the second year. This maintenance contract includes software updates according the operating system (Windows), updates of the software functionality, updates according the design codes, helpdesk support and engineering questions.

For more information contact Red-Bag on http://www.red-bag.com/software.html.