Management One-Liners

My TOP Mantras

There is always a better way


It is not essential to change, Survival is not mandatory, Deming

General Management

A difficult decision gets no easier by delaying it.

Never let a situation obscure the problem.

Engineers are the best generalists provided they never forget their engineering common sense.

If you cannot say something good, reflect whether you say anything at all.

Management is a four letter word – PLAN

Concentrate on the less interesting – the least attractive.

From my first experience of a labour dispute, it is no good being right if no-one is working for you

People are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.  But 1+1 is 2 or 11 or 3 in binary

Those who shout loudest probably know least.

An extract from schoolboy training for Rugby. If you drop the ball, do not flap, turn around, pick it up and start competing again.

Maximise the re-use of hard won costly data - CALS

Do LESS – Achieve MORE (aka Work Smart)

Work Hard - Have Fun or a longer version: Work hard, stay focussed, make money, have fun

Difference between COMEDY and TRAGEDY, Comedy happens to someone else

Everybody has got be somewhere – The Goons

Managers & Management

The person who has never made a mistake has not attempted to achieve much.

Who have I helped today?

Engage brain before opening jaw

Balance the Positive and Negative strokes

Management is about today, but with a real concern for tomorrow.

What have I done about the problem?

If you cannot measure it - you cannot improve it.

What gets measured - gets managed.

The Manager’s Check List

Set Goals and Plan

Organise the Resources

Control and Measure Results

Lead & Motivate

Management is an Intellectual Exercise and needs



Energy - Physical and Mental



Political acumen

5Ps = Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Risk Analysis when combines with Risk Management produces quantifiable results of Prevention and Detection

Know when to call upon and use experts.

Read widely.

Developing Strategy


It is OK to Think BIG, but ACT small.

View Complex Issues from a Broad Perspective

Don’t take a month to think and a year to execute. Take a year to think and a month to execute.

Objective 1= Where do I want to be – where am I now?