Career Highlights

I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 1960. I joined ICI, a then prestigious company, offering first class training of engineering graduates to meet the qualification needed by the IMechE, an Institution that I have been a member of for nearly 60 years.

After a period in mining and on plant construction in Malaysia, ICI put me into the early days of applying computers to piping engineering. The application of computers to engineering became a central aspect of much of my subsequent career.

With ICI I travelled to Germany, Japan and the USA presenting their expertise.  Then with Davy I was worldwide coordinator of Computer Aided Design (CAD), regularly visiting their US and German subsidiaries.  In-company management development took me into material control and procurement.  In BNFL I headed their massive CAD effort in support of the £1.0b THORP Project with a department of 80 and budgets of £6m pa in both revenue and capital.  American CAD companies headhunted me and I worked for Computervison largely in Norway heading their Oil & Gas task force and then Intergraph based in Holland but travelling extensively in Europe and on trouble shooting missions to Australia & South Africa.  I represented the European operation in all US Process industry strategy meetings.  My primary technical expertise migrated to Document & Content Management.

At this point the industries revenues peaked and European Headquarters operations were minimised, so in 1983, I went into consultancy forming my own company - 20CC Ltd, which finally closed on 2017.

Most of my assignments were for blue chip companies.  They covered all aspects of applying computers to the engineering process and full life-cycle control of resulting projects.

AstraZeneca on 3 sites for over 6 years often full-time covering the improvement of all maintenance engineering procedures and systems.

Amec, London Underground, McDermott Marine & Syngenta, all engineering systems related

Samsung was my largest (£30m) computer installation project and was 100% successful meeting cost and time budgets and coinciding with 2 immovable factory shutdown windows.

Aveva formerly CadCentre on software marketing

Tarmac Construction on supply chain.

Qinetiq, formerly DERA on software marketing.

Martin Baker Aircraft for Document Management

I edited two DTI sponsored books on Information Management in the Process Industries.

In parallel with this I was an Associate Lecturer of The Open University for over 30 years.  My courses were Level 1 & 2 Systems Thinking, Engineering levels 1 & 2 and the Technical MBA residential school.  I set questions for this course and marked exams in all of them and was the External Examiner for 4 years with the Arab Open University in Systems Thinking.

I am a Fellow of both the IMechE and the CMI and a Freeman of the City of London.