As the Master Document is being created, segments will be released two or three times per week announced via Twitter, with a fuller description on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Each of these will direct the reader to my website, which will contain a version with all the released paragraphs to date.

The much larger, full version of the report to date will be sent to anyone who requests it.

This document’s series of thoughts, where I will concentrate on documenting Objectives and Principles, is the beginning of a progressive and integrated peer into what I would hope to be the future policies of our Governments.  Some suggestions might already be the policy of one party or another.  I believe there are parts of every recent election manifesto, yes every, but some will be new and perhaps some may even be adopted.

I invite feedback.  Therefore, comments are welcome and may be used to strengthen my arguments whether I agree with the comments submitted or not.

I also hope that dialogues will develop on each of the social media sites.