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Our Grave Situation

Our citizens must start to take more interest in politics.  Apathy is the major enemy of democracy and freedom.  It is rare for the elected UK Government to get more than 40% of the popular vote.  Although in 2017 they did but did not pick up a majority with that good, 42.4%, percentage of the poll.  But that is a first past the post system (FPTP) which politicians and the majority of the electorate do not want to change.

With a national turnout that has been less than 70% (69% in 2017) of the electorate since 2001, this means that around less than one third of the electorate actually agree, in general terms, with elected government.  In the 2017 Unite trade union vote for their nationally influential leader it was a very close result with his opponent and only 12% of the union members recorded a vote.  We must never forget that Hitler came to power by largely democratic means.  When power was secured, it quickly became first more dangerous, then impossible, to dislodge him.  In our first election after the war the turnout was close to 85%, our fathers knew then that not taking care of their democracy was dangerous and seemingly wanted to direct the changes that were at issue.  The right to vote was hard won for ordinary men and women.  It is a RIGHT and a DUTY of all citizens to vote if our democracy is to remain healthy.  In Australia voting is compulsory, as in France.  One Australian voter in 2017 deliberately spoiled his paper, but voted.

With this document, it is my intention to write a comprehensive policy for the future of the UK.  Even though I will assume that I am a Dictator, it will not be too dictatorial.  Unlike most of the Dictator breed, in general I will be benevolent.  In reading the first completed version and comparing it with the major party manifestos of 2017, I see policies of Conservative, Labour, Liberal Documents and no party included within it.  So every major party will find something they agree with, Tory, Labour, LibDems even the SNP on Brexit (but not Independence) and yes even UKIP and Trump (accepted that he is not a party).  And much that they do not agree with. 

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