I wish BREXIT was not happening and that the ultimate outcome is that it does not happen.  GE2017 certainly raises hope that the outcome maybe just a re-negotiation of the key issues such as immigration.  That thread still has some way to run.

I was in favour of Europe when we first voted for the Common Market in 1973.  No, I do not wish for an unbridled political union, but we have secured many opt outs.  In addition, no doubt, we will negotiate more if the political union demands get too counter to our national interest and inclinations; we are not alone in that desire, France, the Netherlands and Austria all seem to have similar concerns.

There have been many benefits of the EU to our prosperity and to our peace.  In addition, another no, the EU has not taken over our courts, or our currency or our border controls, as the Brexiteers would have us believe.  Yes, there is the free movement of people, but much of that movement is to the benefit of our economy.  Consider the NHS staffing, already raising concerns over the dramatic drop in application to nurse here and some of the higher academic talents.  In addition, immigrants work in the lower range of skills, many of which the Brits do not wish to apply themselves or not spent time on training themselves.  In any case, I suggest that migration will ease over time as their home country’s economies become more prosperous within the EU.

The June 2016 referendum was poorly devised to satisfy, the Conservative right and stave off UKIP.  It was not clear if it was binding and what the turnout level had to be to make it valid and what majority was needed to represent a binding decision.  The result was narrow and in my opinion inconclusive.  I could accept the result, albeit believing it to be wrong, if both sides had not lied as a routine, so that the electorate could understand what they were voting for.  Post election interviews indicated that many voters decided to vote against the EU about non-EU issues, even that it was not fair that London was the capital of the UK.  In short, the EU was the scapegoat for whatever any Leave voter thought was wrong with their lot.

So we have to keep fighting to reverse this decision, in the Courts, through by-elections* and making our MPs vote the way that in their hearts, they believe.  However, the Labour leader was indecisive and is now favouring Brexit to counter UKIP who are attracting some of their core voters.

*when this was written the June 8th General Election had not been called and that has to be fought as well, by supporting only anti-Brexit candidates.  The rush to call the election was stimulated by the Tory poll lead over labour, the expected rise in inflation because of the fall in the pound, which is now happening and the possible prosecutions of 30 Tory MPs over election expenses now settled with a wrap on the knuckles, except for one in Thanet.

I have not re-joined any political party yet, but I have joined The Real British to try to reverse the poor light some of xenophobic citizens have shown us in.

The Real British Group on Facebook believes:-

If you want Britain to remain Great, it must stay in the EU.  Brexit will destroy our nation.

We are the Real British and we want our country back!

We are the British patriots, who want our nation to succeed in the modern world, not in a fantasy of the past.

We want the Britain of tolerance.

We want the Britain of peace.

We want the Britain of mutual respect.

We want the Britain of mutual care.

We want the Britain of diversity.

We want the Britain of many cultures.

We want the Britain of welcomes.

We want the Britain of Sanctuary.

We want the Britain of modern thinking.

We want the Britain of openness.

Above all:

We want Britain as a full member of the European Union.

I hope that the many anti-Brexit groups will coalesce to form a stronger grouping in England.  I recognise that the LibDems and the Greens wholeheartedly oppose but they are never going to win a controlling majority, a balance of power perhaps at the next election.  But Labour is the party that must change.  However, a cross-party alliance with anti-Brexit Tories and Labour would be a stronger force.  As many political heavyweights as possible are needed to speak for the reversal of what is bogusly named “will of the people”.

If we can learn anything from this “will” it is that if you feed the mass of the public with lies (from both sides of the debate) then you will relearn the IT maxim – rubbish in = rubbish out.