Strategy Assignments

  • A systems thinking approach applied to the strategic options open to a professional institution. The work included a comprehensive stakeholder analysis and the relationships of the various operational systems.
  • Reviewed all processes and systems used in offshore platform Design Company and made recommendations on the migration of legacy systems from mainframe to client/server architecture. Audited Engineering Systems in the context of the future needs of the business, with particular emphasis of 3D Structural Modelling and 2D Engineering Databases. Facilitated meetings to develop the strategy.
  • Reviewed construction market trends and the improvement targets set for the Group Purchasing. Analysed and submitted business processes for purchasing functions. Supported these with recommended enhancements to the IS Strategy.
  • As part of an overall change management and quality programme and in the first of many contracts with this company, analysed the future business needs for Engineering Information of a 1,500 employee pharmaceutical R&D facility, with annual engineering spend on building development and facility/system maintenance of £60m capital & £12m revenue. Developed a data model for the real-time and facility life-cycle information flows. Proposed Vision Statement was accepted with the medium-term goals of an IS strategy with components of Facility Management, Document Management, Intelligent Engineering Database & CAD. The strategy was integrated with the ongoing Engineering Quality Project based on business processes and workflows, involving considerable management of change in working practices.
  • Provided material to set benchmarks for energy usage and pointers to KPI’s that may be applied to the provision of in-house and outsourced maintenance management services of a Government Agency. Reviewed the needs of the 1,400-person Syntegra research site supported by c100 engineers for an improved building/facility facility management process and supporting system. Reported to management and assignment extended to manage first phase of implementation. This included the selection of outsourced support system and the beginning of the re-engineering of business processes.
  • Interim Sales & Marketing Manager for ASD’s pipe routing software. Analysed the future trends of the market, recommended a strategy and launched it at the Daratech Process Industries Conference in Houston.
  • Audit and strategic direction of the Software Development Process of a health supplier.
  • The first project for PostComm documented the principal information flows and audited the systems that supported them. The second contract carried out the recommendations of a full system restore for disaster recovery needs and documented outsourced service processes.
  • The then Chairman and Deputy of AMEC Group Division departed in quick succession. The main Board took an enhanced interest in IT and sought reassurance that the expenditure on IT for systems represented value for money. Provided the audit in the required 10 days. The report and recommendations were accepted.
  • Reported on the need to develop the strategic market focus of Claydon BioInformatic, a developer of software product. Specification of the documentation needs to support the sales to quality conscious customers and the pharmaceutical regulators. Acceptance of the report led to being appointed interim managing director responsible for setting up the quality development processes, project management and market research leading to a finished product and its Beta release.